Who Stands with Us

If a movement is to have an impact it must belong to those who join it, not those who lead it

-Simon Sinek


Prateep Prateepyuwapat

Director of Baan Huai Tom School

(Chai Wongsa Upatham School)

"Thank you for your perseverance, support and love to the children. You will always be remembered"


Bunsak Thongdi

Director of UHDP

“We would like to thank you Norwa for your supports. More importantly, we are very grateful to know that there is such a purpose-driven brand that exists to help marginalized communities like us.

Lalita Likhitmaskul

Influencer/ Blogger

“Norwa Jewelry is the first jewelry brand

with which I am really impressed.

They make me feel like I can save the world.”


Ying Rangsikarn Rojcheewin



“Norwa is building other women up and I am thankful to be a part of this movement."


Thoy Piyatida Chitaroon



“I know what Norwa is doing is not easy. I want to support its ambition to make incredible things happen."


Prasita Jaktreemongkol


Doctor/ Model

"I believe Norwa Jewelry is a truly genuine brand. It is so inspirational. Being part of the movement, I am encouraged to help others too."

Fac Chirapat


Student/ Model

“I know there are a lot of hill tribes but I have never thought about how their lives are. After knowing Norwa, I started care more of the world around me.


Kantaporn Asavanodom



E-commerce business owner

“I am fairly certain that one must learn something from what Norwa is doing.

Just like I did.”


Aiya Thavalvanichkul


Business Owner

“Norwa know exactly what they stand for. I share value with them and want to help communicate the same to others.”


Nutcha Kulpiyawaja


Digital Marketer 

“I think Norwa really stand out from those brands in the market. It’s one of the brands which are propose-driven.  I really love how they use social media to sell and create social impact.”


Pitchanok Luanguthai


Beauty Entrepreneur

I made a resolve that I will one way or another make contribution to the societies at every possible chances. Thank you Norwa for giving me such opportunity.

Thitirat Tangtorsakul


Dentist/ Part-time model 

“Too many women want to be models, not enough want to be role models. Well, with Norwa I think I’m both.

Surawan Bannawat



“I think it’s always the right time to do what is right. Norwa gives me the opportunity to participate in such movement I was looking for. I hope others will see what I see.